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Our Core Mission

“We’re more than fine art printers, we’re your Business Partners….”  The ChromaZone Ink founders know that if they don’t make you look phenomenal to your clients, no one benefits.  These long-time business people emphasize a partnership because ChromaZone goes beyond just offering the latest technology in color fidelity. The principals, Brian & Angela, are passionate about making YOUR business look more professional and impressive to your collectors, clients and students. That is why they work diligently on the “FAQ” page, exposing techniques, processes and even tips on how to embellish fine art. This is so that YOU will have more sales knowledge to sell your products. The ChromaZone home page previously stated: “We use the latest printing & image capture technology for the best color fidelity” – then they realized, “DUH – that should be a given, we SHOULD be using all the latest and greatest or we don’t deserve to be in this business.”

No “B.S.” Marketing

A lot of giclée printing companies will tell you all about their superior printing technology. Some companies will claim multi-decade experience in fine art and fine art printing. Few however, actually have the credentials that Brian and Angela have to prove these statements about ChromaZone Ink giclée printing. “We always have to chuckle a little when we hear about ‘patented processes’ or ‘secret technology’ because we know differently. Having been in the industry as long as we have, we know that in reality, if you’re a serious vendor of giclée printing and you’ve done your homework or as much testing & canvas printing as we have, that we’re all using pretty much the same equipment and processes.” At ChromaZone Ink Canvas Prints, we won’t insult your intelligence with secrets or with artificial discounts. Those “80%” off deals only to lead you to the “Level One” product line (Do you think a company could actually survive long at 80% off of their full product line all the time?). Once there you are offered options like hanging hardware, (which we automatically include) where other offers nickel and dime you up to the “premium” options. The REAL difference boils down to the trustworthiness of the people serving you, their mission and the service you’re offered.

If Technology & Experience Turn You On:

…Then we invite you to come and take a tour of our facility. As you enter the showroom, you’ll be greeted by a showcase filled with cameras and equipment of past eras. Our founder, Brian used these relics throughout the decades with a talent that earned him awards. Inside the showcase are a couple “Addy Awards” for his magazine cover work; a dead giveaway as to Brian’s photo-lab tenure and artful eye! Step through the showroom toward the warehouse and you’ll see the image capture room, where art is scanned. The next stop is the art studio where our paint embellishing is done. Then, check out our printer room. Usually there will be at least one Canon and one Epson large format printer. We’re known to alternate depending on “how they behave” since each brand has its own pros & cons. We have nothing to hide, so whatever you want to know, we offer you full transparency.

We’re Passionate About Art Because We ARE Artists!

Brian Abrahamson

ChromaZone Ink’s owner got started in the giclée printing business when that technology began in the late 1980’s. Our founder, Brian Abrahamson has been a professional photographer & graphic artist his entire adult life. He began his career in the film photo labs, managing color and producing fine photography prints since before “digital” photography became commonplace. Brian was actually in the very first Epson “Giclée Printing Certification” program back when Epson even offered them.

Chromazone Ink | Brian
Chromazone Ink | Angela

Angela Abrahamson

Assisting at the helm is Brian’s wife, Angela who has been in the software support business since 1996. Currently, she is a multimedia senior project manager for a global tech giant (Oracle Corporation). She holds her undergrad degree in fine art, with a masters in computer resource management. Angela has a few awards under her belt too, as evidenced by a giant ribbon in the showcase. These people know their art, printing and technology! Angela oversees the art department that includes a good bit of the color matching & paint embellishing. 

It Was Fate! 

The couple met in the mid 2000s when Brian was free-lancing for “Spaces” magazine. He was assigned to shoot a feature spread about Angela’s then-new downtown Melbourne art gallery. When this finicky gallery owner learned he was also a giclée printer she decided to test his product. She received her “test” giclée and was thrilled that she couldn’t peel the ink off, and that this man actually knew the proper way to stretch the corners of canvases, and the rest is history! Together they began teaching “Going Digital for Artists” & “Art Marketing” workshops, and several years later they were saying “I Do” at a lodge in California wine country!

In addition to their business mission, Brian & Angela have a passion, goal & personal mission around creating positive imagery. You can read about their secondary mission: The “PIPPA” project here. They are passionate about preserving your celebration of life by printing museum-quality artwork that will last for generations in your home, office or gallery. They specialize in creating custom sizes from the manufacturing facility and showroom in West Melbourne, Florida. You will be able to order your giclée printing from any location, at any time on any device!

Brian & Angela also share another little-known hobby together too: Well, it’s mostly Brian’s hobby, but sssssssssurprisingly, Angela has grown pretty fond of it too! You can see these influences in her current artwork. ChromaZone Ink Canvas Prints would love to be your giclée printing company, call us at 321-312-4800 | 800-501-2901.

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