Canvas Printing Orlando: Instant Gratification or Digital Jail?

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Love That Technology, But…

How amazing it is with modern technology that we can easily get instant gratification in reference to picture-taking! But how easy is it to get those pictures OFF your smart phone???  At Canvas Printing Orlando we are faced daily with requests to assess the quality of digital images on several different devices for printing on canvas, metal or fine art papers. The advancements in digital imaging technology have made it so easy and convenient for anyone with a smart phone, lap top or smart pad to easily take high resolution images at any time, most anywhere. The problem is that among the thousands of images stored on most any device, a good percentage of them remain there locked up in “digital jail” never to adorn a wall or hallway for the world to enjoy, or worse yet, to be accidentally deleted when those gigabytes run out.  It’s so easy to take pictures these days but most of the people taking these pictures do not know how to get them out of there smart device in order to reproduce them in a conventional manner. We have your solution!! Our easy image assessment upload tool at is a quick way to get the images to us for review and finally on to your walls. You can learn more by contacting us at 321-312-4800 | 800-501-2901 or you can follow these directions:



A) Using your device’s internet browser, navigate to  As you scroll down our home page, you’ll see a big pink button that says: “GET AN IMAGE ASSESSMENT” – click that button.



B) On the resulting screen you will be presented with our Image upload screen. Tap into each of the white fields to fill out your name, email address and special notes you have for us about the image you are uploading.



C) On the screen under Step 2 you will see the “Choose File” button – click this and navigate to the image on your device that you want us to see / print.



D) Finally tap into the check box beside “I’m not a robot” so that we receive your file and our spam and junk catchers won’t send the image to the trash!



E) Click the “Submit” button!  That’s it!  We will get an email notifying us that you have uploaded an image for us to review.



These instructions are only needed if you are NOT ordering.  If you wish to order, you can skip this step and go straight to the “Order” menu where there will be another opportunity to upload any image(s) from your device.  Our awesome website will even allow you to size and crop your image within the parameters of the image quality.



Instant Gratification Photography

This should satisfy any desire for “Instant Gratification” right?  As the founder of ChromaZone Ink Canvas Printing Orlando, I have had my own bouts with instant gratification…



Long before digital imaging and the opening of Canvas Printing Orlando, photography and photo printing was a much different process. The closest product that offered instant gratification were the Polaroid Cameras and the very expensive film that produced instant print products that went along with them.  I was probably six or eight years old when I got my first camera. It was one of those polaroid’s, and for the first few weeks I photographed everything under the sun until ran out of allowance money to buy film packs. It didn’t take long for me to get bored of the limited use of the system coupled with the expense of its operation. I quickly moved on to the next level.  Roll film cameras.



Roll film cameras offered a much broader variety and range of equipment and even today at Canvas Printing Orlando we have requests to reproduce and print from film negatives and positives. Film cameras and the steps to process the film and finally produce the final prints was a much more complicated process that offered no instant gratification. The first step was to drive the exposed film to the nearest drug store to have the film mailed away for processing and printing. If you were lucky you had a lab close to you in town. This could take as much as 10 days before you got the results back. And then the disappointment of all those over and under exposed frames that were printed anyway and not worth keeping. Color and black and white film are made up of organic components. Namely gelatin, silver halide crystals and color dyes. These components are susceptible to damage by heat so imagine another disappointing possibility of your film traveling across the country and all your images ruined because your film got too hot.



Darkrooms and one-hour labs are how Canvas Printing Orlando got started in the fine art printing business. In my never-ending search for instant gratification in photography and printing I set up my first black and white darkroom when I was in high school.  I didn’t want to wait ten days to see the results of my blossoming passion!  I wanted my photos immediately! I learned all the chemistry and exposure methods that once defined the “wet lab” photograph industry, and I got pretty good at it!



That experience led me to the ultimate “instant gratification” of managing professional and  one-hour photo labs in Orlando.  Maybe you remember “Pro-Tech Lab”, “Atlantic Photo Technologies”, “Fox Photo” to name a few.  As the lab manager I could take my rolls of film in and have them processed right away!  It was the ultimate photographer gig!  But soon, the digital era evolved, and those labs dwindled away, one by one.  My only choice was to go digital!



I made the leap back in the 80s and while I still love the old film days – there is absolutely no comparison to the instant gratification of the digital era – as long as you are tech savvy enough to know how to get those memories out of that “newer, thinner, more powerful” digital jail onto something you can hang on the wall!  So now, this is what we do at our canvas printing Orlando and Melbourne lab. ChromaZone Ink would love to be your canvas printing company, call us at 321-312-4800 | 800-501-2901.   Thank you! – Brian

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