What does “PIPPA” mean?

PIPPA is our acronym for “Positive Images Promote Positive Attitudes”, our mantra and one of the reasons we do what we do here at ChromaZone Ink. To learn more about this passion and mission, click here.

What is a “Giclée” and your process to create one?

Great questions! “Giclée” (pronounced zhee-CLAY) is a French word meaning “to spray” or “to squirt” and refers to the continuous tone ink output done by special large format printers, as opposed to “process printing” where images are created from thousands or millions of separate specifically-placed tiny dots, or plate printing where images degrade with use. Although “Giclée” is actually the inkjet printing process, the term is most often used as a reference to the highest quality fine art reproductions. The best “giclées” actually result from a three-part process: Click here for ChromaZone’s giclée printing process details.

How long has ChromaZone Ink been in the giclée printing business?

Since giclée printing began! Our founder, Brian Abrahamson began operating under “F-Stop Photographic” in the 1990’s, when digital photography was just beginning. He managed film labs and as technology moved to the digital era, so did he. His first canvas printing shop was called “Custom Photolab Services”, then “Canvas Depot” when our first internet ordering site was launched. When his print product offerings grew, “ChromaZone Ink” was born. All his formal photography and “wet lab” film training gives our team the edge when it comes to understanding this business. Learn more about the team here!

How do I know if my file is good enough to be printed?

You can use our “Image Assessment Tool!” We will never proceed with any order without contacting you first if we feel the file is inadequate due to file size or resolution. If you would like us to review your image before ordering you can upload it to us with your questions. We will get right back to you. Click here to upload it.

Can I use images taken with my smart phone?

Yes! Today’s cell phones have excellent cameras and the images they produce are commonly used for fine art printing. Our mobile website makes it easy to order too! From the “Order” menu item or one of the big round images on the home page, click the type of media you want and on the resulting page, scroll to the black box that says “Select Images.” When you click that black box, you will have the option to upload images directly from your phone’s photo applications. If you do not want to order just yet, but only want to find out if your image is good enough for printing, see question above!

What is image resolution, ppi and dpi?

These are all terms that describe the density of microscopic image elements that determine the printed quality of a picture. Click here to learn the 4 basic concepts of image resolution.

What type canvas is best for printing art?

For longest lasting, high quality results you will want a PH neutral cotton/polyester blend. Once this type of substrate is printed upon, it should be coated with a protective sealer, even if it is one of the newer type of “coating-less” canvases. We’ve been in the giclée printing business since it began and we’ve tested darn near all of them. If you’d like to learn more about the difference in, and evolution of canvases, our founder Brian wrote this article on the topic.

What type of inks are best for giclée printing?

No matter what media you want your image printed on, the “quick” answer is: “What is your budget and how long do you want your print to last?” There are 4 basic levels of printing (three of which are inkjet), and your answer determines what level printing you should invest in. Level 1 is the least expensive with the shortest lifespan, and Level 4 the most expensive and longest lasting. This is how many fine art & canvas print companies lure you in with those incredibly deep discounts: they advertise level one printing, but when you get to their level 4 offerings you’ll find they are often more expensive than what ChromaZone Ink offers at level 4. Click here to educate yourself on the details of the four levels of inks and inkjet printing.

What is the easiest way to stretch a canvas?

Unless you’re ready to invest at least $3000, there is no easy way! So grab your clamps and and start from the center of opposite sides, moving outward just like you were taught in art school. BUT – if you’re doing a lot of stretching like we do, then you might want to consider the “machines” we use: the Tensador II fleet. Learn more about it here & view the training video we recorded to teach our employees how to stretch a canvas in under 5 minutes.

Do you wholesale?

Yes, to some extent. To qualify for wholesale pricing and our customized shipping service, you’ll need to register by filling out this Business Reseller form.

Will you ship directly to my clients?

Yes! We call it “Drop-Shipping”, and we’ll ship to your clients, your friends and grandma too! When you specify in the ordering comments that this is to be drop-shipped, we’ll remove the invoice that shows what you paid, and we’ll even include your brochures & use a return address label with your branding if you set it up with us ahead of time! Click here to view the instructions for doing so.

Will you print custom sized canvases?

Yes! We cut our own archival, pure pine, made in America stretcher bars, sourced sustainably so we can make any size you want quickly!

How much cost do you add for premium-backings & hanging hardware on canvas?

Nothing! Unless requested otherwise, all our canvases come backed with matt board instead of craft paper. We also include hanging options like wire or sawtooth hangers and bottom edge bumpers. For small sizes we usually use sawtooth hangers and for extra-large sizes we may use cleat hangers. We simply include the most appropriate hanging hardware for the safety and security of the artwork (and you!).

Do you print greeting cards?

Not at this time. Our focus has always been on creating museum and gallery quality works of art for the discriminating artisans, photographers and collectors. You never know though – with enough requests, we may consider it!

Will you stretch my canvases for me?

Probably! If you’re talking about blank canvas it would be less expensive to simply order in bulk from your favorite local business where you can see the quality first-hand, but if you have a special media you like to use, we’re game! If you’re talking about a rolled canvas that has already been printed, or an original painting on canvas, we would need to inspect it before committing. It is important to note that with original paintings we do NOT cut the canvas in any way to achieve a perfectly flat corner. When we stretch original paintings you will expect to see some bulk at the corners where we have meticulously folded the canvas before stapling.

I like to have my drawings pre-printed on a canvas, THEN I paint them, will you do this for me?

Yes indeed! That is a growing trend, and because these types of printouts are generally just black & white and use less ink, we can print them less expensively than our Level 4 prints. Just give us a buzz ahead of time to set this up: 321-312-4800 | 800-501-2901.

What is “Pixel Painting?”

It’s a way of creating real art using computer software. We explain 3 different methods for doing so. Learn more here.

What is a “Gallery Wrap” & what looks best on the sides of my canvas?

A “gallery wrap” is the practice of extending a printed image in some way so as to cover the sides of the stretched canvas to make it look finely finished. Doing so eliminates the need for expensive framing and satisfies the requirements of most art galleries that artwork must be framed or the sides addressed such a way that they do not reveal staples or anything that makes the artwork look anything less than pristine or unfinished. There are different methods you can choose for side wrapping, they are explained here.

What is “Embellishing” & can I do it myself?

Embellishing is way of enhancing the surface of a printed canvas to make it more valuable & in some cases slightly more unique than a regular fine art reproduction. ChromaZone Ink offers two levels of embellishing that we call “Surface Enhancements.” Those purchase options are explained here. If you would like to learn how to embellish your artwork yourself, see this article we wrote on the subject.

I like to use standard frames for my canvases, but the canvases are always too thick and make the frame stand away from the wall.  Do you have a solution?

Yes we do! If you do not want to use a “floating frame” made for thicker canvases, you can mount canvas to hardboard so that it will fit snugly into a frame, eliminating that space!  We’ve written an article to show you exactly how to do it. Learn more here.

Are Certificates of Authenticity or Letters of Provenance actually needed?  How do I create them?

There is a lot of confusion wrapped around Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) and Letters of Provenance (LOPs) and their true value.  Many questions revolve around whether they are just a sales gimmick or are they actually necessary for your artwork?  Our short answer is “YES” they are needed.  Details on their content as well as templates to create your own are located here.

How many prints should I have in my fine art edition?

While that number is purely your decision, there are definite factors that affect the value of your work. These factors range from the media you decide on for each edition as well as the level of embellishing, if any. For details on this important question, the US government’s stance and our suggested solutions, click here.

Why does ChromaZone Ink keep changing locations?  Is there really a GOD???

We feel that pain more than anyone else! We THINK we finally have a permanent location, effective Spring 2019. Our journey getting to our newest location can only be explained by divine guidance. If you ever asked yourself the question “Is there really a God?” you might want to check out our short article on our amazing experiences! It just might bring you a bit of peace you may be looking for.

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