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Get Your PIPPA On…

Canvas printing should brighten your surroundings. We think you’ll agree that in today’s world we are hit from every direction with negative visual influences. From the evening news to a child’s video games, there is more violence and killing at our fingertips than ever. That’s why we feel so strongly that people should be filling the spaces they occupy with canvas printing filled with fine art!  “PIPPA” is our acronym for “Positive Images Promote Positive Attitudes.” Our PIPPA concept for ChromaZone Ink Canvas printing Orlando and Melbourne, is the biggest reason we do what we do: Enabling artists, photographers and the average person to reproduce their positive creativity so more people can affordably obtain fine art.  By “fine art” we mean any image that conveys a message, and is immortalized on a high-quality substrate that can provoke thought, conversation and emotion for generations to come. To see samples in our showroom, come and visit, but call first at 321-312-4800 | 800-501-2901.

Visual Arts are Used for Healing!

Did you know that for decades, arts and crafts have been used as therapy?  Thankfully, now science is starting to prove that even just looking at thought-provoking positive images is beneficial for health.  From original works of art from old masters to modern day giclée printing on canvas, where else can you “workout” by just looking at something? You don’t have to be creative to look, do you???  So that’s the main reason we developed the ChromaZone Ink Canvas Printing mission:

“To counteract the onslaught of negativity by supporting our belief that Positive Images Promote Positive Attitudes.”

Here’s How to “Get Your PIPPA On”:

Whether it is a beautiful sunset you’ve captured in your iPhone or an abstract masterpiece you carefully planned, make your images count!   Give the world something that reminds them that it’s time to stop and appreciate the God-given basics in life. From a photo of your parents who raised you to be an independent thinker, or a flower from that Royal Poinciana tree that you raised from a seed – the images that you surround yourself and your family with, will help determine the attitudes your family, friends and visitors will form of you and themselves. So make your images matter.  It is our mission to help you with that.  We can typeset words onto your pictures, restore copies of old memories and help you create the positive family or corporate atmosphere that will help make a healthy productive environment…. just as fine art has done for centuries.  At ChromaZone Ink Canvas Prints you can get your PIPPA giclée printing on metal, canvas or paper!

Our Vision

There is a perfect world for Brian & Angela, founders of ChromaZone Ink canvas printing.  In it, every child’s bedroom, every family room wall, every corporate hallway & boardroom would hang constant reminders of each person’s value.  They would remind viewers of their contribution to the world or offer mind-exercising, thought provoking visual stimuli.  We truly believe this is what we can achieve with the permanence of giclée printing on any surface.

In this age of video games and technology, too many people are “trained” that their superiority & value is based upon the level of enemies they destroy in a video game.  We need to counterbalance that with visions of people helping each other, loving themselves and realizing that there are countless things to be grateful for, like hot showers and a full plate at dinner time.  Science is now confirming what creative people have always known: that viewing and creating arts and crafts are therapeutic for humans. Viewing positive images helps relieve stress and improve productivity, especially in “left-brained” analytical type individuals by balancing & exercising the two hemispheres of the brain.

This is why we find that “art departments” are starting to creep into hospitals and technology companies – it’s because there is more scientific proof every day, that people being surrounded by art, by positive imagery and who have the ability to engage the right hemisphere of their brains are more productive.  Arts and crafts have been used in therapy for decades, so why is it so crazy to think that companies that host high-stress jobs would have art “therapy” departments on site, let alone grace all their walls with artistic canvas prints?

How We Will Get There

To achieve the ChromaZone Ink canvas printing Orlando PIPPA vision, Brian & Angela believe strongly in God, continuing education, technology and uplifting employees.  All of which we try to use to communicate the importance of positive imagery, and to create a business culture where people simply like being.

We are challenged every day.  That’s part of what keeps us engaged, but in order to conquer these challenges, we are constantly working on the business in many ways.   First, we are implementing concepts we continually learn from our coaches at our business school. We also occasionally take digital technology classes at our local university where we are both registered students (after all, how can we print those amazing images you have on your iPhone if we can’t figure out how to get them OFF the iPhone?)  We also hone our own creative skills by practicing our respective hobbies so we can understand and relate more to our customers: Brian is a professional photographer and Angela is a degreed fine artist (learn more about them here!).

Our intent is to grow the canvas printing business by hiring employees we will hold accountable to our “A-List”:

Attitude, Attendance, Accuracy, Accountability & Amenability

As long-time business people, (spawned from generations of family-owned businesses) – Brian & Angela have learned that while firing an employee is one of the most painful things they’ve each ever had to do – it is a necessary practice if they are not facilitating our giclée printing vision and mission.

Contrary, as a childless couple, they would love nothing more than to groom an employee to be an eventual owner of a successful enterprise, but that enterprise has to be built first.  So while all of us at ChromaZone Ink are very willing to learn from our professional coaches, we are also amenable to learning from our younger generation as well as the seasoned, experienced senior, all of whom we welcome to partake in our interviewing process.  These opportunities can generally be found on Indeed.com in a search on “ChromaZone Ink Melbourne.”

In a Nutshell…

Canvas painting and canvas printing is one of the most iconic and time-tested ways fine art has been created throughout time.  While we honor that, we also reproduce your images on many other media too.  ChromaZone Ink Canvas Printing Melbourne can print on a plethora of fine art archival papers as well as on metal, and we’re constantly exploring new trends, media and newer technology.  Partly because we have to stay competitive in our field of canvas printing, and partly because, let’s face it, technology has taken over our lives these days.  The downside is that with such instant access to anything, at any time on any device, people are seeing a lot more negativity than ever before.  Everywhere, whether it’s the nightly news, Facebook posts, tweets, or just a pessimistic neighbor, these negative influences are taking a toll on society, all of which fuel our belief that the world needs more “PIPPA”.  ChromaZone Ink Canvas Prints would love to be your giclée printing company, call us at 321-312-4800 | 800-501-2901.

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