A.T. Hun Gallery


This content was written by ChromaZone Ink, Melbourne FL

Want to Visit a Gallery That’s “Outside the Box?”

You’ll find our favorite in Savannah, Georgia – It’s called the A.T. Hun Gallery.  Are you tired of the cookie stamped, stuffy galleries you find most everywhere you go these days? – And we can say that because we use to own one!  Yes indeed, Angela use to have one of the “classiest” art galleries in Melbourne, FL but she admits that it just wasn’t a place where she just wanted to BE all the time.  Enter our giclée printing business, ChromaZone Ink Canvas Printing and a series of orders we printed for a guy named Chuck Hamilton.  Then another order, and another… what on Earth is this Chuck guy doing that he is selling so much work??  We decided a weekend trip to Savannah, Georgia would be a great breather and a way satisfy our curiosity for what Chuck was doing at the A.T. Hun Gallery.

Time and time again we all find ourselves in any city USA inside one of these galleries with little or no character, so quiet and serious you could hear a pin drop. Why so serious? As we entered City Market, our mood & spirits were lighten as we entered the incredible A.T. Hun Gallery located in Savannah GA. Owner Chuck Hamilton is a prolific artist with the knack and creative spirit behind this awesome destination located on the ground floor of the famous Savannah art & shopping district known as City Market. The moment you step into his gallery you realize “You’re not in Kansas Anymore”.  From the ceiling to the floor, the gallery adorns the art of more than a dozen local and distant artists. The collections are both eclectic and fun. The variety and talent represented is far more than you would find in most galleries and we at ChromaZone Ink Canvas Printing became even more honored to be the printer of choice for many of their artists. You can learn more about A.T. Hun Gallery and how we can service your gallery with fine art giclée printing by contacting us at 321 312 4800 | 800 501 2901.
“Another Stop” by Chuck Hamilton

You Will Love This Place

The staff is friendly and witty. One of their sayings is “You Can Pet and Feed the Friendly Artists, They Don’t Bite Unless You Criticize the Art”. On any given day or evening you might catch Chuck at his piano located on the gallery floor where you are sure to be entertained with his rendition of your music requests. He uses his uncanny artistic license to capture and paint his own take on classic movies. Capturing frames of these cinematic favorites is Chuck’s signature style and is extremely popular, based on the number of re-orders we get from him at ChromaZone Ink Canvas Prints.  But he does not stop there – Chuck is one of those rare individuals that utilizes both sides of his brain equally, as he has mastered the gallery business WHILE he holds rank as one of the top selling artists in Savannah.

The Party

We try and make the trip to Savannah at least twice a year to visit our clients and to enjoy the variety of art that is incredible not only at A.T. Hun Gallery but throughout the whole city. Once a year, A.T. Hun Gallery hosts a Halloween party that is usually themed around one of the movies used in the art that is displayed. Everyone shows up in character in some of the most outrageous costumes you’ve ever seen. Savannah is well known for their Halloween celebration. In fact, the whole City Market is taken over by thousands of party goers and street musicians. It’s more like a Mardi Gras with a Halloween theme and ChromaZone Ink Canvas Printing Orlando tries to participate every year.

“Burning Ring”
“Jazzmine” both by Chuck Hamilton

Variety is Key

One of the reasons A.T. Hun gallery draws such a following is the variety of talent and diversity. It’s bright and shiny inside from the hundreds of spotlights highlighting the cool eclectic artwork, as well as cool/kitschy inspirational pieces. The atmosphere is not stuffy and the staff is engaging. You’ll see James Dean’s “Pete the Cat,” the evolution of music in David Gildersleeve’s digital illustrations, the vibrant colors of Steve Schuman and so many others as Bill Colt’s giant cow watches you from the wall on the right.  We’re proud to have made a connection for one of our own Melbourne artists, Russ Taylor, who now holds wall space behind the A.T. Hun checkout counter.

Savannah can be extremely hard to get a car into during the busy season so the gallery will ship purchases home to you, eliminating the need to be burdened with carrying around town during your visit. A.T. Hun Gallery often calls on ChromaZone Ink Canvas Printing Orlando to drop ship orders that we print directly home to the buyers if they want something that is out of stock at the time, so if you don’t see that piece you wish you purchased any more, just ask them!

“Obviously You’re Not A Golfer” by Chuck Hamilton

Cool Vibe

The atmosphere is so relaxed you can spend hours in the gallery. Cool music playing in the background and you might catch Chuck in the middle of a new masterpiece. In addition to being a creative genius, Chuck is extremely talented artistically, as evidenced by his masterful play of colors against each other whether it’s in one of his more serious works or gracing his cinema series. One of the things that will draw you in is the gallery will order oversized gallery wraps from ChromaZone Ink Canvas Prints Orlando to place on easels outside. Some of these giclée prints are 40x60 in size and you can’t help but venture toward them as you stroll down the streets in City Market only to see Jeff Bridges as “the Big Lebowski” outside the door staring you down and daring you not to enter the gallery.

“His Dudeness”
“Mark it Zero” both by Chuck Hamilton
Is fine art a little out of your budget?  Then grab a t-shirt or mug with art on it, or some of the artistically created jewelry!  Want a good laugh?  Read Chucks imaginative “Testimonials” from world renown celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Hillary Clinton and even Warren Buffet.   Yes, a trip to the A.T. Hun gallery is worth the travel and your visit there will be sure to put life in perspective for you.  That’s certainly one of ChromaZone Ink’s favorite weekend escapes.  We love art, we love Chuck and we would love to be your giclée printing company, call us at 321-312-4800 | 800-501-2901.  See you in Savannah!

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