High Resolution Scanning & Image Capture:

We are proud of our precision. Our investment in the best image capture technology ensures reproductions are faithful to your original. After capturing your image, we’ll run proofs and compare them to the original. Once you’re satisfied, the printing begins. If you already have an image and you are unsure if its resolution is high enough, you can use our “Image Assessment” button! For more on our overall process, pricing & equipment, click here.

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High Definition Metal Printing:

We use the latest generation ChromaLux Dye Sublimation process for our metal prints. This latest generation process has been independently tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research, INC (WIR) and has been given a 65-year print permanence rating. We have tried the newer “Direct to Metal” process and found it to be inferior in durability and much more susceptible to imperfections during the process. Our customers expect and deserve the best so we are sticking with the industry proven ChromaLux solution until something truly better is available.

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High Resolution Giclée Printing on Canvas & Archival Papers:

“Giclée” is a French term (pronounced “Zhee CLAY”) for the inkjet printing process. Giclées can be printed on a variety of surfaces, and the quality is only as good as the substrate it is printed upon. When you have a wife that owned an art gallery and had to replace giclées that were printed by inferior print shops, it only solidifies our belief that it never pays to skimp on materials. “When Mama is happy, everyone is happy…..”

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Surface Enhancements & Pixel Painting:

Earn more money for your reproductions! With our premium substrates and coatings, you can enhance the surface of your images with clear gel brushstrokes or paint embellishments, making each print a bit more valuable. If you don’t want to take the time to do it yourself, we can do it for you! We can even take a regular photograph and create a separate work of art using software that allows us to emulate a real painting.

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Photo Restoration:

Have an old or damaged photo that you absolutely cherish? Chances are we can digitally restore a copy to look new again! We have delighted many with our ability to preserve memories. Pricing is considered on a case-by-case basis.

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Business Reseller Registration:

When you register as a reseller of your images, you’ll be entitled to discounted prices, adding more to your margins! All you need to do is register using the button below, and in 24-48 hours, once we’ve verified your business, we’ll send you instructions on how to receive your special pricing. We’ll also offer you Drop-Shipping for your clients, details below!

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Speed up your fulfillment process by having us ship the finished product directly to your customers! If you’ve registered as a Business Reseller, we’ll even label it from you and add any brochures you prefer in the package, once you’ve supplied us with it and specifically dictated its inclusion for a drop-shipment in the “Type a message here” box at the end of our ordering process.

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