Drop Shipping

We’re Happy to Ship Directly to Your Recipients!

This means that when you order your prints from us, you don’t have to maintain an inventory or keep a lot of packaging supplies handy. We take care of all that for you. BUSINESS RESELLER BONUS: If you’re a registered Business Reseller, we’ll even provide a FREE 4″ x 3.33″ white return address label if you want your prints shipped with your own branding as the return address. Additionally, we will include your brochures if you want to send us some! Your pricing is removed from the packing slip that is sent to your customers.

To Initiate the FREE Label & Brochure Service for Business Resellers:

  1. Register as a Business Reseller
  2. Download our label template and design your labels. There are several formats available for designing your labels, just click on the icon below to download the software template you prefer to use.
  3. When you have completed designing your labels, you can either email the file to Service@ChromaZoneInk.com or use our Image Assessment button to upload it to us. We will print the labels as needed, free of charge.
  4. If you want us to include any brochures or paperwork in the box, you must ship the literature to us, postage paid to:

    Your Name
    c/o ChromaZone Ink
    7612 Emerald Dr.
    West Melbourne, FL 32904

  5. To actually utilize this service, follow the Drop-Shipping instructions below. That’s it! We do the rest!

Instructions for Drop-Shipping:

  1. Make your print selections using our online ordering system. Proceed to checkout, and when you get to this “CHOOSE ADDRESSES” screen shown below, ensure you have both your billing address and your customer’s shipping addresses as such:

    Fine Art Printing Melbourne Choose Address
    The addresses are set up using these simple steps:

    1. In the form on the far left, add your name & address first, making sure to select the “billing” option in the “Type of address” drop-down list. Your name and address will now appear under the “BILLING ADDRESS” square.
    2. Add the customer’s address who you want us to ship to. Be sure to select the “shipping” option from the “Type of address” drop-down list this time. Your customer’s information should now appear under the shipping address:
  2. Click the black “Select & Continue to Payment” button. The REVIEW & PAYMENT screen appears.
  3. In the “SHIPPING METHOD” box, select the FedEx Ground option. If you have any kind of coupon code, make sure you place code in the box in number 4 or you will not receive your discount!
  4. In the “CONFIRM PURCHASE” box, you MUST indicate your wishes for drop-shipping, labeling, or brochure inclusion in the “Type a message here” box as noted in the example below.
  5. Click the black “Place Order” button.

    Fine Art Printing Melbourne Review Payment

Our Packing Process

Please understand that while we do our very best to ensure your prints arrive at their destination in perfect condition, sometimes unforeseen incidents can happen. We do insure our products for shipping. If you or your client receives a damaged shipment, it is the recipient’s responsibility to save the packaging and file a claim with the shipping company. We will cooperate as needed.

That’s it! Drop-Shipping gives you the opportunity to call your customer to ensure they have received their print, which is a great customer service practice and it allows you to further your relationship with that customer!

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