Surface Enhancements & Pixel Painting

From Images to Art!

Have you ever had a photo that you wanted to turn into a painting? If yes, then we have your affordable solution! We offer “Surface Enhancement” options and we have three levels for our canvas products:

Level 1: “Surface Enhancement”

Clear acrylic brush strokes applied to match the contour of the motif. This type of texturing covers the entire surface and sides of the canvas. This technique honors the image while offering an extra richness and protection to the canvas.

Level 2: “Premium Surface Enhancement”

Includes the level 1 “Surface Enhancement” PLUS adds oil paint embellishments by our professional artists. (Be sure the “Surface Enhancement” option is UNCHECKED if you select this “Premium Surface Enhancement” option, since this option is inclusive).

For this level, we apply a water-soluble oil paint to various areas to highlight the color. We do NOT cover the entire surface with oil paint as we do with the clear acrylic product. We also avoid adding the oil paint to faces, and skin tones unless directed to. Additional time is needed for drying prior to shipping, generally 2-3 days before the oil paint is stable enough for transport.

It is important to note that with this option, we preserve the artist/photographer’s style. While we have trained artists who perform this step, we all realized this is YOUR artwork, not ours.

To order the level 1 or 2 Surface Enhancement options, you will need to select the appropriate option during the step 3 STYLES panel of the ordering process. Under the ADDITIONAL OPTIONS selections, simply checkmark one of the Surface Enhancement options as shown below:

Fine Art Printing Melbourne Surface Enhancement

Level 3: “Pixel Painting”

Using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, we begin with your digitized image. We apply painterly software enhancements appropriate to the motif. After the software enhancements we use a digital paintbrush to manually apply individual “brushstrokes” as needed. The electronic file is then printed and prepared for the final process. The last step is to address the printed surface with the “Premium Surface Enhancement” option noted above.

Pixel Painting and the associated surface enhancement are a timely, manual process, therefore pricing is considered on a case-by-case basis. Please call the lab to talk with one of our team about this option, it is not available through the standard online ordering process. 321-312-4800 | 800-501-2901

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